Location: Above the old village of Kakopetria on the banks of the Karkotis River

Founded: It is the sole remnant of an old monastery founded in the 11th century that flourished in the mid-Byzantine period and during Frankish rule but fell into decline in the 18th century, eventually dissolving.

Architecture: It belongs to the domed cross-in square plan and gets its name from the second timber roof with flat tiles that were made in the Soleas district. The narthex, covered by a calotte and two traverse arches, was added at the beginning of the 12th century. At a later stage the church's original appearance was altered resulting in the destruction of important paintings.

Wall Paintings:

1. 11th century wall paintings are characterised by clear-cut features, accentuated formal lines and a limited colour spectrum that nonetheless conveys intense spirituality, such as the scene of the Ascension of Christ and the Transfiguration,

2. The 12th century is mainly represented by the Day of Judgement scene decorating the narthex and the wall paintings decorating the south west wing, such as the Presentation of the Virgin,

3. 13th century wall painting includes the repainting of sections of the church and narthex, such as the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Myrrh Bearers,

4. The 14th century is represented by the Pantocrator surrounded by the Angels in the dome and the Prophets in the drum of the Dome. Some of the wall paintings in the narthex belong to this 

Agios Nikolaos Stegis - KakopetriaAgios Nikolaos Stegis - Kakopetria Agios Nikolaos Stegis - Kakopetria

period too. The arch and east and south vaults were also decorated during this period and are today exhibited in the Byzantine Museum of the Archbishop Makarios the III Foundation in Nicosia.

5. Only the full length Apostles Peter and Paul that adorn the piers that support the dome near the iconostasis, also attributed to the 17th century, have a date inscribed on them -1633.

Marina Solomidou - Ieronymidou

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